One of the benefits of being in business for so long is that chances are we have seen your problem or one very similar before.  当我们的技术专家团队到达现场时, they rely a long list of experiences and skills developed over 6 generations.  This combined with innovative thinking and a lean perspective will help to optimize your process.  Check out some of our case studies, or maybe become one of them. 你的成功就是我们的成功.

清理难以清理的地方 用Aquaease 2289提亮黄铜

作为工业和石油加热喷嘴的领导者, this company provides significant reductions in combustion pollutants for cleaner air and contribute to the reduction of carbon and soot helping to retain set up efficiencies and extend maintenance cycles.

清理难以清理的地方 在线油漆剥离与Aquastrip MPS

Integrating the stripping process into the powder coating line has reduced rejection rates, 提供了更一致的, uniform and reliable coating on the faucets and fixtures.

清理难以清理的地方 回收或再用? 与Aquastrip ACB的省钱比较

通过在他们的过程中添加Aquastrip ACB, companies can reuse their masking plugs allowing them to save money, improve profitability and satisfy the need for environmental and most importantly economic sustainability.

清理难以清理的地方 使用祖母绿酸清洁#1清洁铝型材

祖母绿酸性清洁#1 -柠檬酸浸泡, 超声波, spray cleaner that may be used for the removal of a variety of s石油s and oxides - outperformed the competitor’s chemistry and it was easier to control for an international company that manufactures deep drawn aluminum extrusions used in the aerospace, 汽车及军用市场.

清理难以清理的地方 Improving Aluminum Forging Throughput with Lusterlume

Lusterlume ALB 4 removes residual oxidation left on aluminum forgings after annealing process. Improve process speed and cleanliness while seeing improvements to your bottom line.

治疗难治之症 Metal Treatment and Hex Chrome Reduction with AquaPure

A well known military metal finishing operation in Pennsylvania was having trouble treating hexavalent chromate rinses that also had cadmium in them. Our team of experts set the system up to treat both the hex chrome and cadmium bearing rinses in the same tank.

治疗难治之症 废水中六价铬的还原研究

Hexavalent chromium (Cr(VI)) is not easily treated, unless you really understand the chemistry. 幸运的是, 罗宾的交易, 澳门威尼斯人网上赌场污水专家, both understood the chemistry and was familiar with the manufacturing processes Limco was using. Robin began her process with a full treatability study that demonstrated to Limco management that their problems were solvable.

治疗难治之症 The Perfect Mix: Exceeding Guidelines and Reducing Costs in 废水处理

An aluminum can manufacturing material had fallen out of compliance with its local and state wastewater treatment jurisdictions on levels of fluoride being discharged from the plant. The plant’s influent fluoride level was 60 ppm, and its discharge limit was 15 ppm.

治疗难治之症 Solving Wastewater Problems Tankside and Side-by-Side

Did you keep a journal in Science class of the steps you took to solve a problem? 信不信由你, our AquaPure technicians still keep those journals while completing a Process Audit. Step-by-step our technicians are with you to find the best process to optimize your system; ultimately providing improvement recommendations and the required training for your operators. This Process Journal is an example of how we work with you tankside until we get the "thumbs up."

治疗难治之症 Delivering a Dose of Good Service to Get a Flocculant Problem Cleared Up

Do you document the process and progress of your projects? Our wastewater specialists use Process Journals to document their thinking, 的想法, 以及项目的开发. Find out what happened when a manufacturer had a flocculant problem and the steps that were taken to clear it up.

清理难以清理的地方 静电抛光成功的关键

控制布鲁克林的电解抛光, 纽约, 已经经营60多年了吗, and one thing has remained fairly consistent in that time: a commitment to excellence in how they electropolish parts, 以及它们用来到达那里的化学溶液.
80% of the work they perform is for the medical industry. The recent Coronavirus pandemic has started talks of more medical and surgical equipment being reshored back to the U.S., which might increase the workload for shops who perform electropolishing here.

治疗难治之症 Tank side assistance reduced 锌 and improves wastewater process

成立于1981年, 我们的客户生产60,000 - 70,000 pounds of screws daily that are carried in Lowe’s and Home Depots nationwide. Not surprisingly, the philosophy of this market leader is one of continuous improvement. However, sometimes changes for the better also have consequences. When the company went to a new acid- pickle bath pre-treat system on its paint line, the result downstream was far too much 锌 in its wastewater effluent.

清理难以清理的地方 More effective, less costly paint stripping: Aquastrip ACB

对于一家百年老店来说, issues with their paint stripping process were beginning to slow down and delay production. Their current chemistry provider was falling short on service and value. 另外, the chemistry they provided created wastewater issues due to unacceptably high level of benzyl alcohol. 更糟糕的是, this same chemistry had a strong odor that made working with it all the more unpleasant.

完成最难完成的任务 制止闪锈

A leading remanufacturer of automotive brake calipers was having problems with flash rust appearing on their finished goods. What was even worse was the fact that the issue was not revealing itself until after the remanufactured parts were already shipped to retail stores and customers were pulling boxes off of store shelves and seeing the surface rust, forcing the chain stores to return the products to the distributor.

治疗难治之症 帮助阳极氧化设施达到许可限制

An anodizing facility was struggling to meet a pretreatment permit discharge limit of 10mg/L for Total Phosphorus. If the facility could not retain pretreatment permit limits, they would be at risk for fines and potentially having their permit revoked. Influent water showed an incoming Total Phosphorus averaging 700mg/L. Phosphorus came from the anodizing process rinse waters. pH值调整, 化学剂量变化, and system changes did not remove enough phosphorus to get below the facility’s discharge limits.

清理难以清理的地方 Getting Buff: Removing Polishing Compounds Before Electroplating

当涉及到电镀金属,如黄铜, 铜, 以及介于两者之间的东西, 美国电镀在克兰斯顿, 罗德岛州, knows that having a clean surface helps before running parts through their various plating lines. American Plating consulted with Hubbard-Hall looking for the best way to ensure all received parts could be properly and efficiently cleaned before being plated.

治疗难治之症 延长膜系统的过程寿命

In 2002, Mass Design invested in a microfiltration membrane wastewater treatment system. Committed to improving the sustainability of wastewater discharge, they were also keen to ensure a long-term return on their investment. The Hubbard-Hall team took data and analysis back to their lab and began assessing the situation, all the way from asking if minor tweaks were needed to asking if a new wastewater treatment was needed.

清理难以清理的地方 Less Cleaning 化学 Translates to Significant Cost Savings

An automotive parts manufacturer was looking to shave operating costs to help bottom-line margins. 这家公司花费了100多美元,000 per year on cleaning chemicals while also struggling with persistent quality issues rate stemming from its plating operation. 人们认为这是由于清洁不善造成的. With the implementation of the Aquaease Infinity process, the company saw their plating operation’s reject rate drop. In addition, cleaner bath life extended from a couple of weeks to ‘haven’t been dumped in 18 months’. 化学 usage and costs – including the cost of leasing equipment – dropped from $100,000 to $65,000.

清理难以清理的地方 Coater Sees +40% Production Gain Using -50% Less 化学

Mikon产品, a family-owned liquid and powder paint business in Oxford, 康涅狄格, needed a phosphate cleaner for use on various substrates with a multitude of unknown contaminates. They also needed to address flash rusting issues before oven drying and wanted to add an in-process corrosion preventative that would not impact paint adhesion.

治疗难治之症 Removing chrome, cutting costs in wastewater treatment nets a hole-in-one

Chromium has many industrial and decorative uses, but in wastewater, it can be a big problem. Failing to meet wastewater requirements can lead to steep fines and facility shutdowns. 南方金属加工(SMP), a recent permit change meant that they were working 24/7 and paying for daily off-site testing in a desperate effort to meet new discharge limits.

清理难以清理的地方 适当的培训导致更可靠的过程

Hubbard-Hall was recently asked to assist a metal finisher who was having trouble with their vacuum degreasing cleaning system. 关于 five years earlier, they had switched from n-propyl bromide (nPB) to perchloroethylene (perc).

清理难以清理的地方 解决不锈钢上的白雾

Hubbard-Hall helped a manufacturer remove problematic haze from their product by giving the manufacturer a full assessments of their cleaning system and then sending effected parts to the lab for examination. The diagnosis revealed that the manufacturer was having a solvent related issue, which Hubbard-Hall solved in less than 2 weeks by recommending a new aqueous cleaning process.

完成最难完成的任务 三金属变黑挑战解决

A manufacturer needed to blacken a part made from three welded substrates. Hubbard-Hall recommended Aquaease PL solve a white haze effect. Hubbard-Hall then tested blackening the part with Cobalt 6, Inconel, and 17-4 Stainless Steel. In the end, the manufacturer used Black Magic RT SS4 to provide a deep and consistent black finish.

清理难以清理的地方 Ecoater Gets 200% More Use of Paint Stripper at 40% Savings

By analyzing and adapting their paint stripping process to include Aquastrip, 这种电镀膜机能够节省时间和金钱.

治疗难治之症 电抛光机的废水系统再次发光

作为一家公司的新老板, you never want to find out that the wastewater system is not operating within its design parameters. That’s especially true when you have plans to expand operations by adding larger process tanks and new processes to offer customers, and that is exactly where the new owner of one electropolishing company found themselves.

治疗难治之症 放眼上游,减少废水中的重金属

A manufacturer of stainless steel and nickel alloy bar and wire was registering extremely high amounts of nickel, 锌, 以及废水中的其他金属. 它们需要预处理和混合 它们的主要放电. When they could not find solutions from their existing supplier, the manufacturer called on Hubbard-Hall to come in and assess the situation to find solutions so they could meet effluent guidelines for their wastewater system

清理难以清理的地方 Stripping Paint from Masking Proves Profitable for Automotive Coater

Roy 金属表面处理 (RMF) coats millions of parts each year at its three facilities in South Carolina, and it’s attention to detail has made it one of the top finishing operations in North America, 当然也是最大的一个.  专业从事机架、桶式镀锌, 锌合金涂层, 电泳漆和粉末涂料, for one particular application — powder coating brake calipers and brake fluid systems— it required an extensive amount of masking downholes and other areas that were not only labor intensive, but also used a significant amount of caps and plugs in the masking process. 他们的目标是尽可能地降低成本.

清理难以清理的地方 If the shoe fits, remove the adhesives and glue from the stamping molds.

A Taiwanese-based shoe manufacturer was having issues with its stamping molds for sneakers picking up adhesives and glues that were left on the material during the manufacturing process The company needed to find a way to quickly remove the adhesives and glues from the mold without further disrupting the manufacturing process.

清理难以清理的地方 Like a Champ: How Hubbard-Hall's On-Site Quality Program Reduces Costs and Downtime

A manufacturer was faced with dumping an expensive 600-gallon vapor degreasing bath and suffering significant downtown because of low pH levels. Hubbard-Hall’s CHAMP program caught the issue before parts were damaged and before the tank would have a need to be dumped. Weekly checks by the Hubbard-Hall Analytical Service Technician alerted the manufacturer to a mechanical issue with the degreasing machine, 原来是下水道堵塞了. 有一次,排水管很快就修好了, the vapor degreasing machine was working smoothly again, and the Hubbard-Hall Analytical Service Technician continued its weekly checks of levels to ensure it was working properly

清理难以清理的地方 Opening the Door to Better Pretreatment, Less Cost, and Improved Performance

A commercial steel door frame manufacturing company ran into trouble with their iron phosphate pretreatment system when the local wastewater treatment facility began noticing higher metal levels in its effluent. The local treatment district began issuing fines to the company, which accumulated as the manufacturer sought a way to get their system back into compliance and avoid having more stringent regulatory measures taken against them. Hubbard-Hall representatives promptly assessed the manufacturing process change leading to high metal discharge levels and recommended two changes to solve the issues. Change the manufacturer’s four-stage pretreatment to a closed loop zero-discharge system eliminating any waste from going to the drain. Change the pretreatment chemistry to Eco Quest NCS 172-LF

White Glove Distribution Services When You Can’t Afford to Be Line Down.

在当今世界的供应链挑战, semiconductor manufacturers need reliability and resources to help their production lines stay up and running. The mission of Hubbard-Hall’s Inventory Management Service is to keep materials flowing to eliminate down time production. 卡特·伯宁汉就是这样, 澳门威尼斯人网上赌场的供应链主管, received a call after-hours from a customer having issues with a defect in the material they were using in their New England manufacturing facility.

治疗难治之症 Rejuvenating a Trickling Filter System to Remove Fats, Oils, and Grease

A manufacturer’s trickling filter had not been working properly for quite some time when they decided to call in Hubbard-Hall to review the pretreatment part of the system and try to get it to work properly so that it could treat the fat, 石油, 污水处理系统中的油脂.

治疗难治之症 A Bug in the System: Using Bacteria to Treat Industrial Wastewater

A metal extrusion company found itself having issues with its Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) in its wastewater treatment operation due to surfactants disrupting the bacteria. 具体地说, the company was treating rinse water that contained surfactants with biologics and related chemistries and, 在一段时间内, found their treatment process was having a less-than-desired effect. They approached Hubbard-Hall with a need for a better culture that is more surfactant-resistant than what they had been using.

清理难以清理的地方 Process Matters in Solving Critical Parts Cleaning Issues

Hubbard-Hall’s cleaning team resolved a $1 million inventory issue for a defense manufacturer by addressing process issues, not just cleaning chemistry. 尽管没有赢得产品 sale, their expertise led to the acceptance of 400 tubes, demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction and building confidence for future collaboration.